"Smart, Thoughtful & Intuitive"
    Sangeetha is always looking for solutions to solve difficult problems. In my case, I had many struggles with my soon-to-be-ex over parenting, but Sangeetha recommended therapists and classes to help us improve our co-parenting.
    - Anonymous
    "Top-Notch Attorney"
    Sangeetha is an incredibly talented individual. We were fortunate to have her advising us through our child custody case. In difficult times, having such a brilliant legal mind on your side makes all the difference!
    - Andrew
    "Fantastic Attorney"
    Sangeetha is a fantastic attorney. She is thorough and professional and knows how to be on her A-game always. She won an almost impossible post-decree relocation case for me.
    - Sudha
    "The One to Call"
    Sangeetha's extensive experience and deep understanding are truly remarkable. If you are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of the law, this is someone to call.
    - Shanda Z.
    "Custody of My Daughter"
    Grateful for Sangeetha’s expertise. Knowing she represents me gives me a sense of peace moving forward.
    - Aaron
    "Reliable, Thorough & Well-Prepared"
    I have worked with Sangeetha in the past and I found her to be reliable, thorough, well-prepared, and able to handle complex litigation issues.
    - Anonymous
    "Ultimate Professionalism"
    Sangeetha and Laurie could not have been more professional during the course of my divorce. It was just what I needed to get me through all of the emotional clutter. And it truly set the stage for me to continue moving forward in a positive direction.
    - Sara
    "Tremendous Legal Talent"
    Sangeetha is a tremendous legal talent. She has a clear passion for taking great care of her family law clients. Sangeetha is that rare lawyer whose intelligence and analytical abilities are matched by her caring and compassionate approach.
    - Rich
    "Best Divorce Lawyer"
    Sangeetha is an amazing person and lawyer. When I — a lawyer myself — unexpectedly needed a divorce, I hired Sangeetha. She is knowledgeable about family law, with a diverse civil litigation background.
    - Anonymous